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Ohm Yoga Studio Alkmaar

Ohm Yoga Studio Alkmaar




19 februari 19.30 - 21.00h

Breathwork and Pranayama to support Good Health and to strengthen your yoga practice

Learn simple breathwork tools to reconnect to healthy breathing patterns for use at anytime and anywhere during your daily life, both on and off the mat.

Breathwork and pranayama practices are a huge part of a holistic journey that will help us establish good general health and vitality and support our psychological and mental well-being next to other healing therapies and methods.

The session is here to create a holistic and practical knowledge of pranayama and breathwork. 

We will begin by learning the early knowledge and foundations of pranayama. We will explore techniques for proper breathing as well as learn patterns of improper breathing, and you will learn a variety of pranayama to bring with you through your life. We will finish with a 15-minute restorative yoga session where we will put our breathwork to practice and let the body soak up the benefits.

The aim is to raise awareness of the benefits of breathing well, safely and efficiently. The sessions will teach you how to develop and learn new skills. You will then be able to use them at anytime and anywhere during your daily life and during your yoga practice.

The session content: 

Connect with the breath and discover breathing patterns.
Learn bodywork and posture for better breathing.
Exploring the lungs.
Learning sectional breathing
Learning Diaphragmatic breathing
Explore Nadi Shodhana breath, Kapalibhati and Ujjayi Pranayama
Simple relaxation techniques with the breath in every session to bring calm & peace

The benefits of breathwork and pranayama

Breathing correctly is hugely important as it is therapeutic in healing the body and created long-term positive change. Pranayama and breathwork enhances our mental and physical well-being and supports all of the bodies’ biological functions. It is a powerful tool when used properly to keep us calm and balanced in challenging times.

Stress and anxiety relief – rebalance of the nervous system
Blood and fluid circulation
Boost the immune and lymphatic systems
Supports rebalance of the nervous system AND lymphatic system
Helps with insomnia and body fatigue
Restore calm and peace in the body
supports healing from long-term illnesses & chronic ailments

Teacher: Amy Eastwood - session in English

Investment: 27,50

Non refundable.

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