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Are you new to the studio? Then a little information would be nice because where do you start? 

If you have never practiced yoga before, it is sometimes difficult to estimate where to start. All our lessons are suitable to start with. Only with the vinyasa yoga classes it is useful if you already have some yoga experience. 

Are you looking for peace and relaxation? Then you can start with the stress relief class, restorative yoga and the gentle morning yoga.

Do you have stiff joints, stiff muscles or do you exercise a lot? Then yin yoga is very suitable. This form of yoga is also particularly suitable if you find it difficult to let go and also very suitable for people with Parkinson's! 

Do you have an injury, do you need to slow down or do you not feel very fit? Then you can go to restorative yoga.

Do you already have some yoga experience? Then all lessons are suitable to start with.

Do you want a lot of action? Then the vinyasa lessons are very suitable.

Do you want action but not too much? Then hatha yoga is fine. Hatha yoga is the classic form of yoga. 

Are you pregnant? Then you can of course contact us for the pregnancy course! 

And of course you can participate in the Pilates class for building strength of the abdomen and back muscles, or your core. 

The studio works with an online reservation system called Momoyoga. Via the button at the top right of the page (login / register / schedule) you can create an account without obligation with your name, telephone number and email address. From there you can purchase trial lessons through IDEAL. Book in advance at momo yoga is mandatory since corona. Payment cannot be made in the studio.  

Once paid, you can book classes of your choice whenever it suits you! This is also possible via the momoyoga app for your phone, which you can download for free (see homepage). Have you reserved a lesson and you can't? Then sign out again in the app so that you keep your lesson. You reserve your lesson in the schedule when you are logged in. 

A ride card and trial lessons have a validity period, in principle there is no deviation from this. It can only be put on pause in the event of injury, injury and illness. In the case of full lockdowns due to corona, the cards and trial lessons are also extended for the duration of the lockdown.

Mats are available in the studio! 


There is no validity period for the pregnancy ride cards. 

With pregnancy yoga you can book 1 trial lesson pregnancy yoga, the regular trial lesson and the 4 lessons for 35 euros cannot be used for pregnancy yoga, the system will not accept it. 

Don't forget to read the terms and conditions, you will find themhere

Do you have questions? Mail to or call Suzanne 06 14 31 23 60

Nice to meet you & have fun in our classes! 

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