Rachel Towgood

Hello friends,

My name is Rachel and I am a Mexican American from Southern California. I ended up in the Netherlands after falling in love with a Dutch boy while traveling and have been living here with him since spring of 2021. We live near the dunes in the peaceful village Schoorl just steps from the forest.
I was drawn to yoga at a very young age and have been practicing many different styles for over 12 years. In 2018 I found myself at the studio sometimes twice a day practicing intense heated Vinyasa classes. It was that summer, with the encouragement of my instructors, that I decided to begin my training to become a teacher. 
Although Vinyasa was my original passion and what inspired me to become a teacher, during the first lockdown I reconnected with Yin Yoga. This restorative practice is the only thing that could keep me grounded during such uncertain times.
My goal as an instructor is to connect my students to themselves. For them to tune into their own bodies and listen to the subtle ebbs and flows. The one thing that we will have with us until the day we die is our self. So I have devoted my life to self care, self love & connection with Spirit. In my classes, I hope to share this beautiful practice with all the beings that feel called to care for and connect with themselves on a deeper level.
Whether it’s a calming Yin Yoga or slow Vinyasa flow, I look forward to sharing my classes with you.