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My name is Anke Arnold-Jabroer and I live in Callantsoog, together with my love Malte and daughter Eden. My career path started as a forensic criminologist, then I made a big switch to modeling, but I only felt my true calling when yoga came on my path. It was a coming home.


Sharing 'yin' feels very natural to me. People would describe me as a calm and kind person with a relaxing energy. I love to meditate and feel a huge interest for all the magic there is to discover in the inner world. In my Yin Yoga classes I leave a lot of space to turn the attention inwards. Here we find the self-healing capacity of the body, our inner knowing and true being. It’s a moment to relax, soften and connect with yourself.


Although it is good for many in this busy society to create more space for 'yin', it is good for me to not forget the 'yang' side of life. That’s why I am very happy to also share Pilates Flow classes, in which we focus on strengthening our 'core', our power center. A powerful and stable body helps me to keep my feet on the ground and stand more in my power. 


Looking forward to meeting you and sharing some steps of our yogapaths together in Ohm Studio.  


Love, Anke

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